Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Catch up

Yesterday Bamma, Syd and I went shopping at the North Bend outlets. Got a ton of stuff for Syd and some nursing clothes and a new pair of jeans for me. Syd did incredibly well. We left the house a little after 9, Syd had about 10 minutes of sleep on our way out. And then stayed awake the whole time. She stayed well in the stroller or walking with us. One time, she just started saying Honey Honey, and we looked around and saw Silver Liberty, just like Honey's. She connected the two. Amazing child we have.
When we were in the 2nd to last store, she finally fell asleep as I was holding her. Everytime I tried to set her down in the stroller, she would start to cry and scream. So I carried her. When we were in our last store and Bamma was going up to pay, I headed to the car to get her in the carseat. She wanted nothing to do with that. It was a battle for almost 10 minutes of her crying and just clinging to me. I felt so bad because she just wanted to be near me and I had to get her in the carseat. I finally won and she cried for a little longer, but then didn't fall back asleep. (40 minutes of nap total for the day)
We got home, ate some dinner, took a shower and I got her to bed around 7:30-8. I hopped into bed not long after that.

Today, we headed out to see the doctor for my 36 week appt. Heartrate was good, in the 130's. My BP was good: 120/78 and my urine was good. Got the group B strep test done and will get the results back in a week. Baby is still fairly high (not in my opinion but s/he is high where it counts) so Joel and I are relieved because he doesn't have to fly home on a moment's notice. Only 9 more days until I see him again. I miss him lots.
Steven came by tonight for final plan reviews and to talk house stuff. I can't believe we are going to be submitting the plans on Thursday. It seems so unreal that the house we all know is about to change so much. I really want to devote a wall to a picture timeline of how this property has changed throughout the years.

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