Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day Weekend...

Started off very early. Friday night, after I got Syd to sleep, I started to pack up stuff for our one night away. It's amazing how much you end up taking when you have kid(s). But it's worth it. I started a load of laundry and got it switched to the dryer and started another. Got most of the stuff packed up and into bed around midnight. Around 1:30 I woke up and had to go to the bathroom (baby decided it would be fun to kick my bladder) so I went ahead and changed the loads and folded the one load. I was up and awake anyway. Back to sleep then woke up around 5:30 to get ready before Syd woke up. Got her up around 6, changed, dressed, and fed her and all of us were out the door at 7:00. We ended up down in Vancouver around 10, and headed to breakfast not long after that.

Met up with Heather's friend Sheena and her son who is a little older than Syd at a park for the two of them to have a playdate. They both enjoyed the slides and running around. Shayden took off running a couple times and Syd would follow him. Heather had the duty of running after him. I think she got a workout :)

The four girls went down to Oregon to go shopping. Went to the Lloyd Center first, and then to Janzen Beach. By the time we got to Janzen Beach, Syd was really tired and stayed asleep in my arms and we layed her on a pillow in the shopping cart where she stayed asleep for about a half hour. I was pretty tired and gave in so after Target we were done.

We wend to dinner at Big Al's last night. This is where Dan and Heather are going to have their Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. It was really fun and Syd had a blast. They have video games and bowling and really good food. Syd really enjoyed the Skee Ball and playing basketball - well stealing the balls from Heather and my dad.

Today we had a wonderful breakfast made by Dan and Heather. Then we headed to downtown Portland to see where the wedding is going to be. It was locked up so we couldn't see it. Maybe next time. We got to go to the Saturday Market, where Bamma found a nice necklace, bracelet, and earrings for Ellen. Had a nice lunch at Rock Bottom and then headed back to Dan and Heather's. Syd fell asleep so we took turns packing up our stuff to get ready and then we took off.

A little before Centralia, Syd woke up and was not in a good mood so we stopped at Borst Park to let her play. She loved the swings (surprise surprise) and also the spring loaded duck. Then we went to DQ to get some ice cream and Syd shared my Butterfinger Blizzard with me. She did a great job of handling the spoon and dipping her own and not spilling any.

Tonight when I gave her a shower I was making funny faces and Syd started laughing really hard. Then she took the hand held and started spraying it in my face. Even more laughing. This went on for a good 10 minutes. So much fun for both of us. Got her dried off, diapered up, put her jammies on and now she is sleeping soundly in her bed, hopefully all night. Until next time...

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