Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Friday, April 09, 2010

New Bike!

I took the kids to TRU today to get another bike so the girls each had their own big girl bike. Took them up to the park today, and they rode around two times. First time around we had to follow Syd, but the next time around Rylee wanted to lead. Syd wasn't the happiest about that because she can ride faster right now, but Rylee kept up her speed quite well. After a couple laps, they wanted to go on the slides and Syd wanted to try her hand at the monkey bars. David was very happy with this because he got to get out of the stroller and play. Syd made it across the monkey bars - first time ever by herself. I can't get over how quickly she is growing up to be a little girl instead of the toddler she was just a year ago. Knowing that in less than a year an a half, she will be going to Kindergarden. That next year at this time, she will already have been registered. That we will have to fight for her to go to Ridgecrest. But that is another story. One that will be told in about a year. For now, she went across the monkey bars by herself.

After playing on the slides and other toys for a little bit, they wanted to ride around again. They took off so fast that I had to jog to keep up with them. We got about 1/4 of the way and Rylee started to melt down. Not enough of a nap plus not sleeping enough last night plus a lot of exercise equals one tired girl. She made it though. Little by little, but she rode around the third time by herself, we got in the car and headed home.

We headed outside in the back to play for a little bit, David ended up going down for a nap allowing me to finished planting some flowers I had started yesterday before the hail storm started. Rylee went and rested on the couch for a little bit and Syd helped me get a planter ready for some flowers. After dinner tonight, the girls helped me plant some more flowers while Daddy and David watched some Elmo - his favorite show (as long as he has Daddy or me to curl up with). The girls poured in the plant food while I planted (and Syd planted some too) the flowers. It will be fun in the coming years to have the kids help out more and more with the yardwork. I'm sure they won't see it as fun someday, but to have them work next to me and with me is fun for me.

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