Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I always have my phone on me. So when something happens that I want to remember I'll make a little note in there. I've copied and pasted those to put in here.

Rylee - took roll of tp dipped in toilet then flushed and handed full wet roll to me

Both girls - cone hats

Rylee - dipping head in pool

Rylee - pooped on deck (22 months) I picked up and wipes her butt. She said thank you.

Asked Rylee "any word you can't say" she said "please" 09/12/09

9/10/09 - sent Rylee to corner, she fake cried, came out to talk to me - told her no kicking David, she said ok, reached up and squeezed my nose and said oink oink

9/4/09 - Syd figures out a handstand

9/11/09 - David walks along Becky and Randy's coffee table

9/26/09 - syd told me she had a good big sister's day

Mid to end of sept - David learning to clap

Syd had her hand behind her butt. Asked what she was doing, she said "farting on my hand"

Syd dream: 10/26 in bathtub by herself and a fly was inthere pooping and it was slippery and she couldn't get out.

David first step: 10/15

10/23 Syd started learning to do a cartwheel

01/01/09 girls giving each other gifts and telling each other thank you, everything I've always wanted, etc

Rylee and syd playing high-five - too slow in tub

Rylee running inside and had hands out to check to see if slider was closed

syd jumped off rockery 3-15-10

Pulling up to a gas station in Vancouver, syd asks "Daddy can you shave my window?" referring to the scraper part of the hand washer.

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