Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Monday, September 06, 2010

A month has passed with lots going on in the house. Well, with three little ones, there's always a lot going on. We're getting ready for school for the girls. That starts next week. I'm ready for Syd to go, it's her third year. But it's Rylee's first year. She's going in being the youngest. I know mentally and physically she's ready. Emotionally she's mostly there. But I know I'm also comparing where she is right now to where Syd was when she started 3-days a week last week. I also know that that's not fair because Syd was older at this point.

Syd is extremely excited to go back and see her friends, Rowen, Stella, Echo, and Aaron. When we talk about school she keeps telling me that Teacher Jana is her teacher, but she can't remember her other teachers name.

David is his awesome self. He loves playing with the girls and is really understanding sharing. Of course he has his moments but it is amazing watching all of them play together. He is saying more and more everyday, I'm guessing though that most of the words are words we can only understand. Our own little language with our man. I do think the way he say Rylee is his cutest word. Yaya. I'm hoping the nickname sticks. :)

I have to give my nephew and niece a little shout-out because well, they're awesome! Cooper is such a little man. Holly and Brian caught that look of, I need to go pee and now he's doing an awesome job potty training! Kailey is sucha cutie pie. I love getting photos txted to me all the time. It makes being so far from her a little more bearable, not much, but a little. I wish they lived closer so we could see her at least weekly but, there's no way we could right now.

Speaking of potty training, I had our Elmo potty out a little while ago. David loves Elmo and he saw it in the closet. Unfortunately it down't have the top so sitting on it wasn't very comfortable for them (yes them. Ry and Syd both wanted to sit on it too). So after a few days of playing with that, I buckled down and went to buy new ones. I txted Holly and asked where she got theirs. It's a litle frog and oh so cute. Walmart. Brought all three in, bought some new stuff and came out with two new pottys. David loved sitting on it for awhile, never going but it was a start. Now he'll tell me that he needs to go, and we'll get there, be dry but he won't sit on it. I know he hit the stage that the girls never did where they're afraid of the actual letting go on the potty. That's ok. He tells me almost everytime that he needs to go. Most times, we'll go up for a nap with out any wet diapers yet and then once he falls asleep, he'll be able to relax and go. Afternoons are a little less "productive" but he still lets me know when he wants to go. I'm just letting him go at his pace. I didn't want to PT right now. Not right before school. But I didn't want to train the girls either. Luckily for me, they all did it on their time, not mine which made the process easier. Right now, I'm still enjoying him being my baby. I don't want to let that go.

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