Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So glad I kept up with this. But better late than never. How do you summarize a year without writing a novel. Syd is amazing. She is now 16 months old, and soon will be a big sister. We are expecting our second child the end of September. We have a c-section date of the 26th, which is my brother's birthday.

Syd took her first step in Jan, her first flight soon after to Hawaii. She really started to walk in March. Her first word was mama, followed by dada. She calls my dad Bampy and Joel's dad Bampa, and although we're trying to call the grandma's bama, she's reluctant and calls both of them Mama. She loves her doggy, Mormo (morgan) and her kitties too. She fell in love with Geckos when we went to Hawaii in July and looks for them all the time now. She is a complete dare devil and climbs on everything she can. She even climbs up the rope ladder on her play structure outside...I thought kids weren't suppose to do that until later on. She talks up a storm and has a huge vocabulary. I think she has about 25 words. Not all are understandable by everyone, but if you are around her enough you know what she is saying.

She has a favorite blanket. Well, a favorite type of fabric. It's her "baby" (aka Blankie). It's a jersey sheet pillowcase. We have a few colors and she is no particular to any one, but she always cuddles up to it to go to sleep. Someimes in the middle of the night, I'll hear, "" in a very sleepy voice and I know she is still half asleep and is reaching for it. Soon she'll be quite again and back to sleep.

She makes me laugh everyday and also frustrates me most days. But I think that comes with being a mom. For example: we're working on numbers. Yes I know she's young. I don't push it, just trying to get her to say them. I don't expect her to spout off them without help or anything like that. Right now they are jsut words. I also count to five when she's doing something I don't want her to do. So the other day, she was playing in morgan's food, a constant battle in this house. I tell her to stop, she doesn't so I said, "One", and she followed me in this sweet and proud voice, "one", I say two, she says two, I say three, she says three. All with this huge smil and you could tell that she is so proud that she did this. I also am very proud because they are fairly clear words. I am also trying my hardest not to laugh. I finally go over after I get to 5 and just take the food out of her hand. She did this again yesterday. :me shaking my head: Someday she'll understand.

Joel is away on a busincess trip to Spain until the 13th. We're really hoping that the baby stay put until then. It has to. I don't want to have this baby without him next to me.

I'm going to try to post more now that I found this again. I want our kids to have a log of our lives as they grow up, I messed up with Syd's first year in that. I'm going to try to recall stuff and put it in here and there when I can. Here's an updated pic of Syd:

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