Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Syd woke up from a bad dream tonight. And it took her a long time to wake up. She was bawling in her sleep. I finally got out of her (and I'm still not sure how accurate it is) that no one was in her dream but her, and Mommy and Daddy didn't get her. She did say while still in her sleep, that she wanted to go home. I hate that she has bad dreams. And she actually gets them quite often I think. I know somedy she'll understand but trying to explain to an almost 3 year old that they are just dreams and not real is hard.

Rylee hasn't been feeling 100% lately. She has had a flare up of eczema. She gets it all over except her face. Her thighs are really bad so I've been putting Cortaid on it along with tons of lotion. On top of this, we think she's trying to cut another tooth. And today she had Diarrhea and she threw up. Fun day for her. Luckily, she's still in a great mood, just more tired acting than normal. But she's laughing with Syd and loving all over David.

David got a new toy today. I found an exersaucer off Craiglsist for him. So far the girls like it better. He's not grabbing for stuff yet so he just sat there looking at everything. Meanqhile the girls played all around it and pushed every button a few times.

I am updating the photo albums again. I'm way behind. The last time I printed pictures for them was last July. Not good. I did an upload tonight of August and September and I need to go get some more albums. By the end of the week, I'll have September put away, and then onto the next two months. I figure 2 months at a time is do-able.

Off to bed I go before David wakes up hungry. I figure I have 15 mintues.

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