Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm back!

Since I last posted, a few things have happened. Syd turned 3!! Rylee started to actually talk more! David is sitting and eating food, well rice cereal, but food. The weather is turning nice and the girls are loving going outside. David loves hanging out in the bjorn. We try to go to the zoo once a week sometimes we miss a week, but so far we're doing pretty good. Routine is right after Rylee's morning nap we hop in the car and drive down there. I have their lunches packed so when we get there, I get them in the stroller and they can start eating while I'm getting everything packed up and David in the carrier. Then we're off to see the animals. Their favorites so far are the Giraffes and the Hippos. Mainly because we see them often and the last few times we've been the hippos were out of the water. Monday is suppose to be a nice weather day and we're heading off again. Hopefully Sheri and little Ryan will join us.
Syd had her 3 year check up (back in April) and she did awesome. A little shy are first but then completely warmed up, sang her ABC's for the doc, said her shapes, everything that she should be doing. The doc suggested that we get a speech evaluation done for her since her enunciation is a little off - he thinks because of her teeth more than anything. So today, I gave a call to the elementary school and started the process.
Syd also had her preschool open house last night. She got to show us around all the different rooms, some of the art that she made, and the playground outside. It was amazing watching her feel so proud of her school and how wonderful it was to share that with us. She only has one more day of school this year and next year she will go three days a week.
Rylee has become quite the little comic. She loves to dance and jump and run. One of the shows that they like is called Imagination Movers and they sing a song in one of the episodes called "Your Most Shakeable You" and she asks for this song so we can all dance and shake to it.
Today she came in from outside pointing to her mouth and saying yucky. I asked if she ate something and she nodded. I asked what she ate and she stuck out her tongue a couple times and made a funny sound, smiled and then ran off. She loves to read and being read to. She will just grab a book and sit down somewhere and just flip the pages. She also loves the website that we go to everynight and morning ( and go through the alphabet. She is quite impressive knowing quite a few of the letters already.
David is growing so quickly. He's already six months, sits pretty well on his own, very close to rolling, loves being adored by his sisters. When we dance and shake to "Shakeable You" he's in the bjorn and Syd will dance in front of him and he just giggles watching her. He loves being carried in the bjorn and being able to watch instead of being set down.
He started rice cereal this week and is doing very well with it. Having some pooping issues getting use to the new food, but it'll come in time. I mashed up a tiny amount of Rylee's banana today and he loved that so I have no doubt that when we start others he will devour them.
I think that's a pretty good catch up for the last month and a half. Good night!

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