Love them - Teach them...Day by Day

Love them - Teach them...Day by Day
Trying to keep my memories in tact for my kids

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Stayed up late cleaning and getting the baskets for the kids last night. The Bunny left three eggs at the end of our bed with a tootsie roll for each kid. Rylee didn't notice when she woke up and Syd actually slept all night in her bed so when she woke up and I went to get her, and bring her in she noticed and asked what they were. Very excited little girls opening up and getting candy first thing in the morning and being able to eat it on Mommy and Daddy's bed! Watched a couple episodes of Hello Kitty, showered, got me dressed and then all of us headed downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had been here...He was! Besides the candy, the biggest hit was the bubbles. And the fake grass. At first we didn't let them play with it, but decided it was better to let them have fun and clean up the mess later. It's amazing what fun can be found with that stuff. The buried each other in it, and the toys, threw it up in the air, scattered it throughout the downstairs. But they had tons of fun.
My parents came over bringing little baskets for the kids and hung out for a little while before they went back to their side for a while. Becky and Randy were heading up and had planned on being here around 10:45. The kids learned that the eggs that we left out for the Bunny to fill and the ones that they colored were hidden and wouldn't appear until everyone was here and they were dressed and ready. So I took the kids upstairs to brush teeth, get hair done, and get dressed while the Bunny did his work. Then we went and played out front (since it was a nice day!!) until Randy and Becky showed up. They brought gifts as well, and the girls enjoyed opening more. David might have, if he didn't discover the dirt and a shovel out side. He started to dig and put the dirt into a pot and didn't care about anything else for awhile.
Went inside to find that they Easter Eggs magically appeared and the girls were ready to go find them! I set David on the deck and put his basket down and showed him to put the egg in it. He put a few in before he decided that I should hold him some more. Syd filled her bucket quickly then continued with David's bucket. Rylee took a break to ride her trike and then Bampy helped her fill the rest of her bucket.
After Bampa and Mame left the kids went down for their nap and I started on dinner. When the kids woke up later they went out and played and ate more candy and threw the fake grass around more. Dinner was good with my parents, even though the potatoes didn't get fully cooked, the ham ended up in the microwave - note to make sure you turn the right oven on. But the fruit was good, the eggs were awesome, and the company was amazing.

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